Enjoying your booze!!!

Enjoying your booze on board

This method comes from www.myboozecruise.com People always find it a thrill to sneak alcohol to places where it is prohibited. A classic example is football games, concerts, nightclubs and many other establishments. People are constantly looking for new and improved ways to sneak liquor into various establishments. In fact, many people sneak booze to avoid the extra costs in places where alcohol is more expensive. This leads many people to finding out more ways on save on alcohol. Cruise ships are no exception and they account for many cases of sneaking each year. People want to avoid the expensive alcohol after paying a lot of money for the cruise tickets.

What methods can you use to hide alcohol?

You can choose to sneak your favorite drink through your suitcase or on your body. Saddlebags are an effective way of sneaking booze on you. These are two silicon bags, tied around the waist and fall on both sides of the hips. This technique, works more effectively, by filling your drink through the safety cap using a funnel. Ensure not to over fill it because it could bulge more than normal and this spells disaster. Ensure you fill it up to the ‘max’ point even if the saddlebags can take in more. When you follow the exact instructions, this is very safe. It works best with cream-based liquors and beer. The saddlebags are lightweight therefore; discomfort will not be there, as well as the need to keep adjusting the straps.

If you are sneaking through your suitcase, the comb flask will work best. This is simply a comb that has a hollow space. At the handle, that is where you pour in and out the liquor. Indeed, it serves two purposes and is a discreet way for those who want to know how to sneak booze on a cruise. All you have to do is pour your favorite drink and enjoy the goodness. It also blends very well with the rest of your luggage. Simply put it in your make up or grooming items and it will easily pass as a normal comb. The x-ray machine will be a walk in the park because you are confident nothing wrong will happen. The comb flask is brilliant for those who want a morning shot of vodka or any strong liquor.

Points to consider

As you look to sneak booze, you must consider the quantity of booze to bring. You definitely do not want to bring excessive amounts and fail to finish. In addition, the amount you drink is very important. You cannot over drink because that definitely will get you into trouble. Regulate the quantity in order to prevent situations whereby your alcohol is taken from you. When using body techniques to sneak your alcohol. Ensure that you are wearing absolutely nothing metallic. If you set off the alarm, you may have a body search done and this is doom. Ensure to avoid situations where you bring suspicion upon yourself. That is the worst thing a booze sneaker can do to themselves, whether by actions or words.

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