Here is a Unique Way to Hide Alcohol

Enjoying your cruise on sneaked liquor

Many people want to know how to hide alcohol. This is especially in areas where they know it is not possible to go in with alcohol at all or places where bringing your own alcohol is prohibited. As much as the rules discourage sneaking alcohol, people still do it. Cruise liners are very strict with their alcohol policies. Anyone found trying to sneak alcohol would have it confiscated immediately. This is not to mentioning the amount of embarrassment you would go through. . This question goes thorough many passengers’ minds. It is possible to sneak liquor on to a cruise ship but you must be extra careful. Have you read the royal caribbean alcohol policy yet?

What techniques do you use?

This technique works best as a suitcase method. The binoculars are very effective and foolproof. All you have to do is get a pair of hollow flasks that come in the shape and design of a pair of binoculars. The flasks are an excellent camouflage for those that want to know how to sneak liquor or alcohol. All you have to do is pour your favorite liquor into the two 500ml flasks and you now have a liter of alcohol to enjoy. With the binoculars flask, they blend very well with your luggage. This is because binoculars are not something out of the ordinary to have in your suitcase. The liquor will be held inside without the risk of spills. These also are great for learning how to sneak alcohol into a concert easily! The safety caps provide extra safety as well as complete the look of binoculars. This  method requires nothing special other than the binoculars flasks. Using them is equally simple. Just open the lid and our out the drink. This method works best with vodka and other dark drinks. This technique is safe as well as brilliant for people looking to have a few shots of their favorite drink every other day.

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The cane method is very straightforward and safe. The cane method features a hollow cane in which you pour drinks. This  is becoming a favorite amongst many. All you need to do is remove the top cap, which is where the handle is located. Then pour your drink and you are on your way to enjoying that drink. The bottom features a safety cap that makes the cane look like a real. This method guarantees that you will be able to sneak in your alcohol in the ship with no stress. . The cane indeed is subtle as it is an item used for a specific reason.

Things to avoid

When sneaking booze, settle for the cheaper types. Do not risk bringing your 10-year-old wine or your 25-year-old brandy. This could turn out disastrous in case you sure found with alcohol. You certainly do not want to lose your brandy to a mean security personnel. In addition, avoid situations that could land you in problems. Since the search is very intense it should also be your duty to ensure you act your part and behave responsibly. When sneaking alcohol on your body, insure you are wearing noting metallic because it will set off the alarm. This mostly leads to body searches. Always remember to use the best sneaking alcohol techniques when sneaking booze.

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